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Join for free the EPC Webinar!

JOIN FOR FREE THE FOLLOWING EPC WEBINARS: EPC webinar GaN inverter for Motor Drive: “How to improve motor system efficency using...
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Get the October updates about the industrial display manufacture

It is all about the: 2.1” round IPS display 480×480, TST020WVBS-08 is a 2.1 inch round IPSTFT-LCD module; resolution 480x480 pix...
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Webinar | WeEn TVS & ESD Protections

Webinar | WeEn TVS & ESD Protections: Reliability, Performance and Technology Discovery You are invited to attend a free webinar...
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Get the latest news about the industrial display manufactures

In this issue you will find the following topics: 1. 4" RGB High Brightness IPS TFT WF40ESWAA6DNN0, Winstar – a High Brightness...
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TeamViewer IoT per la Manutenzione nell’Industria 4.0

Automazione dei flussi di lavoro per ridurre i tempi di inattività e ottimizzare i processi operativi L’imperativo della manuten...
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SIMCom Launches New-Generation 5G Products

To Make 5G Benefit All, SIMCom Launches New-Generation 5G Products, available from Melchioni Electronics across Europe On May 24...
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New Round TFT & Touch 9.5”

9.45” Round TFT with PCAP The Round TFT+CTP FLR-0959MLC0PCFA1 is a item with high brightess and equipped with Projected Capaciti...
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Silicon Labs Extends Award-Winning xG22 Platform

Silicon Labs announced the launch of the EFM32PG22 (PG22) 32-bit microcontroller unit (MCU), a low-cost, high-performance soluti...
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New WINSTAR Round OLED with CTP and KNOB

Ø1.18" Circular CTP OLED with Knob Melchioni Electronics presents New WINSTAR Round OLED with CTP and KNOB. The round OLED WEO12...
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